The concept of  “cloud” has evolved quite a bit in the last 20 years. Yes it’s been that long, back in 1999 it was the application service provider model, which was an early iteration of what people call cloud today. The idea was simple back then, instead of people having to go where the data and resources were – enable the ability to send the data and resources to people when and where it’s needed. The invent of smart phones, mobile devices and improved internet availability in the last decade has made this idea grow into the mainstream. Businesses are now able to literally remove most if not all of their IT infrastructure and turn the entire thing into a simple pay as you grow subscription. By eliminating depreciating assets and letting “experts” manage it all, businesses are really able to take advantage of best of both worlds when it comes to eliminating cost and complexity

We have been called a trail blazer when it comes to cloud and have pioneered many amazing creations, innovations, technologies and services.

Our team of experts can help your organization navigate the complex maze of cloud services to help avoid cost & complexity, minimize risk and get a solution that delivers results!

Office 365

Still running a generic email system or struggling with spam and other problems? Office365 is a great cost-effective solution that offers enterprise-class features of email, collaboration, productivity software & store and great for small & medium business.


Imagine replacing all those aging servers and costly licensing with a pay-as-you-go model that includes hardware, software & services all bundled together. Desktop365 can replace all your PC & Servers with a cloud service that can be delivered both on-premise or off-premise! This is the ideal solution for companies with less than 500 users that want best-in-class technology without the cost & complexity. Working with Intel, we have created a server solution the size of a soda can that can replace all those pedestal servers and crowded computer room.


As the availability of co-location facilities have become widely available and affordable, more an more business are considering leveraging such a resource and not have the risks and liability of maintaining a computer room on premise. Why deal with power issues, air conditioning problems, roof leaks, security and so on when you can have your critical data and applications all hosted in a state-of-the-art hosting facility? This is a great solution for just about any business interested in eliminating overhead and minimizing risks of housing everything on site.

Custom solutions

One of the great value-add services we provide our clients is helping them leverage custom solutions, that can mix and match various cloud and managed services together. With the multitude of technologies in IT, the one shoe fits all mentality many vendors provide is not necessarily the best option for clients. This is where our 20+ years of experience can be a huge value in helping to find the right mix of technologies and service delivery