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What Is Desktop 365™?


Desktop 365™ is one the top virtual desktop solutions in the market. It’s delivered through Microsoft Azure and enables business to transition from physical PC’s and infrastructure to a 100% cloud delivered service. This powerful solution is a pay-as-you-go solution that can scale with your company needs and offers an entire range of IT services with the solution. Everything from day to day administration and management to backup solutions and ability to dynamically scale.


During the recent Covid19 Crisis, many existing customers leveraged this highly elastic platform to instantly scale their IT infrastructure by as much as 300% overnight.  This translated in impacting the lives of so many employees who were able to immediately work from the safety of their homes and for businesses to continue to operate.


Desktop 365™ comes in two flavors, for small business we have a cost effective pure Microsoft based solution and for larger organizations requiring more advanced functionality, we have a Citrix-enabled version of Desktop 365™. Please contact us for more details and to get started with a no-cost consultation. 


How is Desktop 365™ different from Office365 or Microsoft 365 ?

Desktop 365™ is the #1 patented Virtual Desktop delivery technology that provides a complete ready to go virtual desktop and IT environment. It’s been around since 2008 and used by a number of companies to transform business computing. Desktop 365™ includes all of the technologies to not only provision and build the environment but ongoing user management, IT lifecycle and business process management behind it. Where as, Office365 is only for email and Microsoft 365 is Windows virtual desktops hosted by Microsoft technology that subscribers have to build, manage and deploy on their own. Desktop 365™ is a complete IT platform with Virtual Desktops at the heart and thus eliminating cost and complexity while providing a short time to value. 



What are the steps to getting started?


Step1: No-Cost complimentary over the phone consultation to determine the right solution architecture and design. We’ll have you meet with our team to not only talk technology but a C-level conversation on business goals, challenges and expectations. Our goal is design the perfect solution


Step 2: Onboarding process to transition your data, infrastructure and users to Microsoft Azure and design the Desktop 365™ platform based on the needs. Simply bring your Office365 subscription for email or we can help you start one if needed.


Step 3: Go Live with users logging on and fine tuning the environment. After this, it’s a simple per/user per/month subscription fee and scale as much or as little as you need.

Microsoft has access in more regions than any other cloud provider.  No matter where you are in the world, your data and applications can be available to you on-demand.

Imagine replacing all those aging servers and costly licensing with a pay-as-you-go model that includes hardware, software & services all bundled together.

This is the ideal solution for companies with less than 500 users that want best-in-class technology without the cost & complexity.

Desktop 365™ features

Virtual Desktops

Access your desktop from any location or device.

Cloud Computing

Support ranging from Saas to client/server applications.

Secure & Reliable

Highly secure cloud foundation managed by Microsoft.

54+ Azure Regions

Azure has more global regions than any  other cloud service provider.

Backup & Recovery

All your information is kept safe with backup services.

Pay-as-you-go Model

Includes hardware, software & services all bundled together.

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