With the advances in technology to go paperless, most law firms rely heavily on the information technology backbone to access critical case information, prepare filings, create various case related documents and so on. In addition, there is a growing need to have data on demand with more and more attorney’s working remotely or on the go. With growing cyber security threats, need for mobile access, attorney’s needing to use a variety of devices and challenges just keeping things running – law firms are facing a real challenge to stay competitive without breaking the bank.

This is an industry that has complex dependencies on various applications and infrastructure with limited options – until now! We are excited to offer the first IT platform specifically designed for law firms, that brings world-class technologies, mobile workspaces and turnkey delivery of end-to-end IT infrastructure.

Some high lights include:

    • Enable people to work from anywhere, anytime on any device.
    • Improve security and compliance.
    • Reduce cost & complexity
    • Replace server hardware, software and services with one predictable fixed-cost per/month.
    • Eliminate need to buy corporate PC’s.

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