This is an unique industry where the technology aspects have become almost as complex as human healthcare with advanced treatments, digital radiography, mobility requirements and so on. We have created incredible solutions in this space including the world’s first on-premise Vet Cloud. About the size of soda can, our Vet Appliance replaces traditional servers and provides fixed cost for IT while delivering enterprise-class performance, redundancy and scalability.

Many Veterinarians still use aging PC’s, pedestal servers and a makeshift closet for a server room. We have enabled this industry to instantly leverage enterprise-class technologies without the cost & complexity. Imagine never having to buy or upgrade another depreciating PC or wondering how much IT will cost as things start breaking down.

We have teamed with Microsoft, Intel and Citrix to create the industry first subscription model for Veterinary where your entire computing environment can be a simple fixed per-user cost. Predictable costs, pay as you grow,  powerful features backed by experts. The revolution is here!

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