Managed Services

The goal of IT is to enable people to access data when and where it’s needed – consistently, reliability and securely. As the complexities of modern day computing continue to grow at an exponential rate, many organizations are finding it difficult to control costs, while staying competitive and relevant with technology.
With the immense complexities and multitude of technologies that are needed to integrate together, the “do it yourself” model is increasingly becoming obsolete and impracticable. This is where a managed services partner can help.
Let’s face it, computer technology has become a necessity to stay competitive but organizations wish they could avoid the struggles that come with it and sometimes the unpredictable expenses.
With nearly 20+ years of experience in designing, deploying, upgrading, managing, troubleshooting and securing companies, we bring the know how help reduce cost & complexity and make your organization competitive when it comes to technology.
    Our consultative approach is geared to bring a blend of fractional CIO services to create a technology road map for your company. By enabling people to access key information when and where its most needed, securely and on demand, it has a profound impact on business, on lives and on success. This is the very purpose of why people have computers in their business in the first place

Lifecycle & Managed Services

Our approach to IT is to be a seamless extension of your team. We are extremely passionate about what we do and take an unique approach to service delivery that builds on our enthusiasm for bringing positive change. We take a holistic view of technology at all times and give personalized attention to each and every customer.

Our Lifecycle and Managed Services provide the expert resources and knowledge to ensure maximum uptime and stability by proactively monitoring critical systems, taking proactive steps and designing enterprise-class solutions to begin with.

  • Asset Management – Ensure that your assets are properly identified, documented and supported throughout their lifecycle. We help you create a set of standards if you do not have tem today and help with hardware selection, lifecycle management, e-waste recycling and much more.
  • License Management – we help guide you through the maze of license requirements and you avoid major pitfalls.
  • Education – Knowledge is power and our approach is to empower you by working together as a knowledge partner vs just a technology vendor. We strive to educate your team on key decision variables so that we jointly determine the best approach to a situation, both from a business & a technology standpoint
  • Help Desk – We offer the broadest options of help desk in the industry from pay-as-you-go to all inclusive support incidents per/month. We offer all levels of support from onsite to 24/7 services. Have questions on how to use Office 2016 or what printer to buy? We can help with just about anything from tech support issues to general guidance.
  • Managed Infrastructure – This is our specialty for over 20 years. We have the most technologically competent team in the industry – period. Many of our engineers are also subject matter experts and teach for Microsoft and other organizations. By combining subject matter experts with the most innovative IT solutions in existence, we offer the most flexible solutions in the market today to fit any business, any size and any industry.
  • Monitoring & updates – We help you avoid most issues by proactively handling hundreds of tasks automatically. Stop wasting money trying to hire someone to do patches and manage PC’s, let our automated agent take care of daily, weekly and monthly patches and updates at a fraction of the cost.
  • Fractional CIO– While many managed service providers focus just on managing PC’s and patches, we believe managed services is about a lot more. We have bundled in fraction CIO services into most of our solutions to help your business become more competitive and leverage a vision for growth, stability and security. We work directly with you the business owner to introduce a complete end-to-end IT operation without you having to incur the costs of having a facilities manager or someone to “managed IT”.
  • Business Continuity – ever wonder if those backup’s you have really would work if you had to rebuild everything? How long would it take you? What would be the business impact and loss of revenue if you did have a disaster? These are tough questions most business owners fail to ask and most managed services vendors hope you don’t ask. Our entire approach to IT builds upon ensuring your business is as robust as it can be when it comes to technology. That means we have to think about redundancy, disaster recovery, security and various other considerations so you can focus on what you do best! We help identify points of risks, engage in dialog with you on options and help implement meaningful solutions that work.
  • Security – As cyber terrorism continues to grow at an exponential rate, more and more companies are at risk of ransomware and the thousands of other bad things that can cripple a company. We have assembled a team of top security experts who have advised major enterprise organizations on security. Is your HR prepared to deal with the modern era of mobile computing and the risks it brings? Can you help ensure your employees are not using corporate assets for malicious things? How secure is your network? Would you be able to recover if you got hit with ransomware and your entire network and all data was encrypted and held for ransom? Are you safeguarding customer information or are you at risk of data theft?
  • Performance– When computers run slow, it impacts sales and productivity. We get it. That’s why we’ve created an entire focus just around performance. We have the tools, techniques and knowledge to quickly resolve complex performance issues at all layers. Many people waste money thinking maybe a faster computer or more costly bandwidth is the solution. Let us pinpoint the problem and help find the most cost effective ways to address. In many cases, performance issues could be something as simple as a bad configuration. Before you waste a dime, our team will help narrow down the bottlenecks and get to the root cause.

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