Why Outsource?

As the cost complexity of modern day technology continues to rise, many organizations are finding it difficult to keep up. When computers first started being used in business, they played a “nice to have” role where they were used for simple word processing and other non-critical functions. Today, they are the lifeblood of any business.For various reasons, many businesses are stuck dealing with modern technology challenges with traditional approaches and it just doesn’t work. This is where the right IT outsourcing and managed services solution can make all the difference.MaximumBit has been a trusted vendor and most importantly an advisor, for over 17 years and have serviced organizations ranging from 50k + employees to small business.As a company owner or stake holder, if you are struggling with IT issues, business agility, security, stability, performance or simply wondering why the competition is able to do the things they do – it all tends to boil down to technology infrastructure.

Here are some common business drivers for outsourcing to a managed services vendor:

  • Reduce and control operating costs- Managed services can help you shift your technology costs from Capex to Opex and offer you an ability to really get a handle on operating costs down to a fixed per/employee cost. The traditional break/fix approach to IT is a money-pit no business wants to have. Anyone paying money to fix a PC for example, is literally throwing their money away. The PC is depreciating faster than car, it’s not going to get any faster or better and any money spent in fixing it is money wasted. Within 3 years, it will be e-waste they hope someone will pick up and recycle. Instead, imagine if those dollars could be used to drive innovation and business agility by using technologies that help make business competitive. This is the mind shift needed to make a company successful in the modern era of technology.
  • Improve company competitive advantage-One of the biggest challenges business face is that they simply can’t keep up with the multitude of technologies and truly understand what combination of technologies would have some meaningful value to a business. In fact, many don’t realize enormous impact the right technology can have on business growth, agility, employee retention, customer satisfaction etc. Many managed services providers are simply looking to do maintenance and monitoring and that’s about it. By selecting the right managed services provider who can provide fractional CIO services and business consulting services bundled together, businesses can get an immense value that can completely transform the company. We specialize in bridging the gap between business and technology by integrating these key elements together.
  • Gain access to exceptional capabilities-When you need surgery, you go to a specialized doctor. When you need technology, you go to a specialized technology expert. It’s what you do. Just as you would not want to try to do surgery on yourself with a how to manual, it makes no sense that a company tries to make heads or tails of technology. Understanding and being an expert at the multitude of technologies in modern day computing is more than a full time job. By letting experts deal with it, businesses can avoid major risk and ensure they are investing in the right areas of technology vs something they will end up tearing down later. Just like in healthcare, many IT problems are not symptoms until it’s too late. As a result, most businesses are often unaware of critical problems and assume that since there are not symptoms, things must be great. Let the experts deal with technology so you can get back to running your business!
  • Free internal resources for other purposes-There might be people in the office that may be thought of as pretty good with computers or accounting, but most likely these were not the jobs they were hired to do. By leveraging manage services, it allows the ability to focus employees on their core job roles rather than part time attention to many roles.
  • Resources are not available in-house-The other extreme scenario is that there is no one knowledgeable on IT in the business. Rather than try to hire someone or use a staffing model to bring someone in, it’s far better to work with a company. Businesses can reduce cost, increase value and have a much broader range of services for the same investment.
  • Technology too difficult to manage-Often time, the case is that internal resources may have an expertise with custom applications for the business but lack in depth knowledge of core infrastructure. This is an ideal scenario where managed services is truly the best way to go. By pairing internal application resources with outsourced experts on infrastructure, businesses can have the best of both worlds.
  • Reduce Risk-As technology continues to become the heart of any business operation, any outages or breaches can be a major liability. A technology partner can help point out areas of risk and work to develop the right strategy to deal with such issues over time and within certain budget goals. This pro-active approach can help businesses avoid major pitfalls and crisis.
  • Hire Experts-A managed services arrangement is a great way to immediately get a team of experts with years of specialized knowledge, experience and track record. With a very competitive marketing, global outsourcing and pace of change – it’s very difficult for a business to hire and retain the same expertise through direct hiring or staffing models.
  • Flexibility- As the needs of a business change, a managed services vendor can quickly adopt and offer various services, capabilities and technologies. For example, mergers and acquisitions, scaling up/down, changes in business services etc can all require major changes in technology infrastructure. By teaming with an outsourced managed services vendor, businesses can take advantage of various on-demand services and potentially save thousands of dollars and weeks of labor.