Consulting Services

Having served customers for over 20 years, we have created some incredible solutions that have truly revolutionized business computing. We offer a full range of consulting services for your organization to help you every step of the way. Our approach to consulting is to bring a strong blend of business strategy with technology expertise, to help you get the best of both worlds.

Consulting Services


The goal of healthcare IT is quite simple, to improve patient care and reduce distress. This is best accomplished by helping caregivers spend more time with patients and less time with the keyboard.  With the volatile changes in healthcare reform and a push for total electronic patient care, this industry has seen many challenges to achieve those goals. To address this, we introduced one of the industry first physician mobility solutions in the market back in 2004 to transform how Healthcare IT is done. Since then, it’s become the standard for healthcare. Partnering with Citrix, we created an architecture to enable secure, instant access to critical medical data from any where, any device over any network and eliminate the risks and overhead of PC’s. We eliminated many HIPAA risks while drastically improving patient care. Since then, we have worked with major metropolitan hospitals to implement these solutions.  In an era where ransomware can end of costing hundreds of thousands and put millions of people at risk, every hospital needs to consider utilizing this proven architecture.


This is an unique industry where the technology aspects have become almost as complex as human healthcare with advanced treatments, digital radiography, mobility requirements and so on. We have created incredible solutions in this space including the world’s first on-premise Vet Cloud. About the size of soda can, our Vet Appliance replaces traditional servers and provides fixed cost for IT while delivering enterprise-class performance, redundancy and scalability.  Many Veterinarians still use aging PC’s, pedestal servers and a makeshift closet for a server room. We have enabled this industry to instantly leverage enterprise-class technologies without the cost & complexity. Imagine never having to buy or upgrade another depreciating PC or wondering how much IT will cost as things start breaking down. We have teamed with Microsoft, Intel and Citrix to create the industry first subscription model for Veterinary where your entire computing environment can be a simple fixed per-user cost. Predictable costs, pay as you grow,  powerful features backed by experts. The revolution is here!


We have worked with many clients in this space including multi-national global parts reseller, large-scale auto auction seller, solar panel company, engineering firm making defense satellites etc. We have enabled these organizations to drastically change the cost of doing business by enabling people to securely work from anywhere, any device without the need for costly PC’s and computing infrastructure. By leveraging our server-based computing solutions powered by Citrix, we enable clients to consolidate IT and putting the focus on innovation vs trying to keep things running.  We’ve developed turn-key solutions that are plug and play and can quickly deliver value.


With the advances in technology to go paperless, most law firms rely heavily on the information technology backbone to access critical case information, prepare filings, create various case related documents and so on. In addition, there is a growing need to have data on demand with more and more attorney’s working remotely or on the go. With growing cyber security threats, need for mobile access, attorney’s needing to use a variety of devices and challenges just keeping things running – law firms are facing a real challenge to stay competitive without breaking the bank.
This is an industry that has complex dependencies on various applications and infrastructure with limited options – until now! We are excited to offer the first IT platform specifically designed for law firms, that brings world-class technologies, mobile workspaces and turnkey delivery of end-to-end IT infrastructure.


Dentistry has been one of those niche industries that until recent years, didn’t have as much scrutiny on compliance. With the emergence of advanced dental technologies, the need for modernizing the IT infrastructure has become a key challenge for many practices. Title II of the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has had broad implications in health care, including dentistry. It required the creation and enforcement of multiple regulations for various purposes. Among dentists, the best known of these regulations is the HIPAA Privacy Rule, which had an initial compliance date of April 14, 2003. In addition to the Privacy Rule, there is a HIPAA Security Rule (initial compliance date April 20, 2005) and the HITECH Breach Notification Rule (initial compliance date February 22, 2010)